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Hoof trimming disc is meant for farmers that do hoof trimming themselves. The disc is made of anodised alluminium and has 2 mm inserts. Because of the open design it is fast and smooth and you can see the sole. Trims up to 220 head (880 hooves) per disc; Lightweight aluminum construction allows for easier control; Lightweight aluminum construction allows for easier control; Reduces trimming time at a very low cost per animal

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Comfortable Quiet operation Easy to assemble No smell, dust or temperature build-up Disk diameter: 100 mm (4")


* Always follow the safety instructions of the angle grinder * Always wear safety glasses and gloves * Always fix the claw properly * After first use: the blades should be checked and fixed again if necessary * Suitable for experienced hoof trimmer as well as farmer. Only the correct usage ensures good results. * Minimum required power 750W * The aggressiveness of the abrasion performance differs with the disc and the height of the used knives. * Use the disc on a hardwood piece initially to take away its aggressiveness

Targeted Species:

Cow, Buffalo, Horse


Hoof trimming disc blades are meant to be used along with Neogen hoof trimming disc.



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Hoof Trimming Disc blades are specially developed for the field of hoof trimming. As soon as you start hoof trimming with this from aluminum made disc, you will be quickly convinced by its effectiveness, quiet operation and easy handling. The body of the Hoof Trimming Disc is made of aluminium which allows a quiet usage and a comfortable and easy handling. Moreover, the general wear of the angle grinder is reduced; increases the life considerably. Due to the construction of the disc paired with 7 knives, the Hoof Trimming knife claw disc achieves a high cutting quality. The horn is effectively removed in the form of large chips. As a result, the horn wears off quickly and carefully, without unnecessary odour, dust or temperature developments. Important! The overall cutting performance is significantly reduced by cutting hard claws.
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