Novasilect AF-Toxin Binder

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"The Platinum Standard of Aflatoxin Binders, A natural Smectite clay rich in calcium montmorillonite  Binds aflatoxins very effectively  Also binds some fumonisins  Does not bind nutrients like vitamins and minerals, even at high doses for prolonged time  Well researched and proven product: 60+ peer-reviewed in vitro and in vivo papers"

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Natural clay that specifically binds aflatoxins Strong preference and binding capacity for aflatoxins High efficacy in aflatoxin binding Long-term safety"


0.1 to 0.5% (or 1 to 5 kg/ton of feed), depending on aflatoxin levels and animals - 0.1%: Aflatoxin level 80 – 100 ppb - 0.25%: Aflatoxin level up to 3,750 ppb - 0.5%: Aflatoxin level up to 7,500 ppb Young animals and breeders: start from 2 kg/ton Dairy cows: start from 2 kg/ton


Length:1 Kg, Breadth:1 Kg, Height:1 Kg, Weight:25 Kg


The swelling clay can :

  • Bind water and expand the interlayer space
  • Absorb 8 to 20 times its own volume of water and swelling to 30 times
  • Expand interlayer space not allowing binding more and bigger molecules, such as vitamins and antibiotics

Points of differentiation: calcium interlayer and purity

Targeted Species:

Cow, Buffalo, Poultry, Pig, Sheep, Goat, Aqua


2-4 Kg / MT of feed


* Should be stored in a cool & dry place away from sunlight. * Keep the bag closed when not in use.

Best before:

3 years from date of manufacturing



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"Novasilect® AF is a natural clay of the smectite group that specifically binds aflatoxins. It is a 2:1 layer-lattice phyllosilicate clay rich in calcium montmorillonite. This 2:1 type of clay consists of a layer of octahedral aluminum sandwiched between two sheets of tetrahedral silica. These clay minerals have a characteristic negative surface charge on their platelets. This negative charge is neutralized by Ca2+ cations that are attracted into the interlayer regions. The cations in turn cause water to enter the interlayer regions of the clay and make it swell. The interlayer regions and other surface characteristics have been established to contribute importantly to the efficacy with which Novasilect AF binds aflatoxins. Novasil™ Plus and Novasilect® AF are one and the same product sold under a different name."
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