PrimaBond Adhesive Dispensing Gun 200mL

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The PrimaBond Adhesive Dispensing Gun ensures accuracy and control while working. Its durable design allows the cartridges to lock into place to prevent it from falling out. The use of a manual one hand-held glue gun offers the user the possibility to hold a wooden block in one hand while applying the 2-component material on the block or cow claw. The PrimaBond Adhesive Dispensing Gun saves you time while working with fast setting materials as it mixes the material automatically through a mixing tip free of messes and wasting any materials.

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* One hand-held glue gun * Fits the 200 ml chamber cartridges * Allows the right amount of pressure on the cartridge * Precise application of glue onto hoof blocks or claw * Easy to use * Minimal waste and free of messes * Made of durable, long-lasting materials


First, place a 200 ml cartridge into the Dispensing Gun. Now, remove the fastener on the cartridge. Equalise the cartridge by pointing the cartridge straight up; then squeeze the handle to remove any air bubbles. Eject a small amount of glue. Now, apply a bead of adhesive onto a block. Place the block quickly onto the pre-prepared, clean and dry, healthy claw. A heat gun can be used to dry the claw. After around 30 seconds, the glue will have set, and after around 2-3 minutes, the claw can weight-bear again. For best result, the claw must be clean and dry. Leave the mixing tip in place until the next use.

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Cow, Buffalo, Horse,



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PrimaBond Adhesive Dispensing Gun helps the hoof trimmer to make the use of the fast-setting adhesive easy, by allowing a precise application onto hoof blocks. The PrimaBond Adhesive Dispensing Gun is ideal for use with PrimaBond Blocking Adhesive adhesive cartridges or other 200 ml adhesive cartridges.
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