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Keep your calves warm with our unique Calf Blankets. Designed for warmth and protection. With removable leg straps and front closures. Machine washable

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Designed to stay on the calf, easily be put on and taken off, and machine wash & dry, these blankets are sure to protect your young, vulnerable calves when temperatures drop.


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Calf blankets are calf-sized coats which help conserve body heat

Targeted Species:

Cow, Buffalo


A calf blanket helps alleviate cold stress, which allows the calf to use its energy to grow, not to keep warm. spread of bacteria and is good for the insulation. Most calf blankets use one form of insulation or another.


* Should be kept in a clean & dry place.



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* Insulation keeps calves warm * Quick release buckles for easy on and off, no Velcro to get matted. * Extra strap length to accommodate calf growth. * Belly strap to keep blanket snug when laying down. * Machine wash and dry * Durable water resistant nylon. Available in small for Jersey calves and twins, medium for most newborn Holsteins, Buffaloes and other breeds or large for bigger Holstein or Gir, Sahiwal, or other breeds of Cow calves."
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