Calf Rearing & Management Training

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Proper calf rearing is the insurance for continuous dairy farming. Good management ensures a continuous replacement of spent stock with young and energetic stock. Healthy calves are the first step to having thriving replacements and growing animals. This is mainly by reducing calf mortality rate and cutting calving interval. Calf health depends greatly on the quality and management of the calf in early life, particularly in the first six weeks. We help you to learn how to effectively manage your calves from birth to weaning and on to successful management post-weaning.


1. Milk feeding & management 2. Faster rumen development 3. Calf housing & calf health 4. Scientific & practical calf management practices 5. Good calf rearing principles



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Cow, Buffalo



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We offer services & training on following topics on calf rearing & management : 1. Preparing calving facilities 2. Calf housing & calf health 3. Milk feeding & feed management 4. Newborn calf management 5. Managing Colostrum Cows 6. Calf Procurement and Transfer
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