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The Horse Sense® Fly Protection products offer superior protection from flies and biting insects in an assortment of styles and sizes. Neogen® offers a complete line of fly protection products at an affordable price.

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Built to maintain shape and prevent slipping Protects from biting insects Double stitched cotton trim Three hook & loop fasteners on each wrap


A leg wrap is a physical barrier between your horse and the bugs. This prevents flies from biting your horse, since it is difficult for them to bite through the fabric.

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Fly leg wraps protect your horse from biting flies including bot flies.


Should be kept in a clean & dry place.



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Horse fly boots and leg wraps are worn by horses and ponies during turnout to protect their sensitive legs from biting flies and insects. Horse leg wraps for fly protection also help prevent stress in the horse's legs and cracks in hooves by reducing leg stomping caused by biting insects such as mosquitoes. Fly legs wraps are made of a soft mesh material which is designed for comfort and breathability, and fasten with Velcro for a more custom secure fit. Horse leg wraps for fly protection can also be worn over existing stable bandages to further protect wounds from irritants.
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