Hoof Trimming Training

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BeingFarmers offers effective training in Pan India, which gives you knowledge and understanding of how to improve the claw health on your farm.


1. Our trimmers provide hoof records after each trim to help you benchmark and see improvements in your herd. Hoof records also allow our clients to analyse the kind and severity of hoof problems they may have and if there are any similar underlying comparisons from season to season. 2. Our trimmers provide the knowledge to help you reduce animal discomfort with early detection and prompt solutions of any hoof problems.

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Buffalo, Cow



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Beingfarmers through our Trimming Specialist will work with you to help increase your herd health with hoof health assessments and foot bath analysis. With these suggestions, our clients can reduce future outbreaks and lameness in their herd. Our Trimming Specialist would train resources on your farm for scientific trimming, so that you have trimmers at your own farm.
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