Intra Hoof-fit tape

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Intra Hoof-fit tape is a green self-adherent bandaging tape. Tape adheres to itself; no need to pin or tie. Originally designed for use with Hoof-fit gel but often used as claw bandage. Recommended by professionals globally.

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• Premium Quality * Colour: green • Modern, high-tech synthetic material reinforced with latex • Excellent adhesive properties • Sweat and water resistant • Does not stick to skin or hair • Elastic, flexible, and self-adhesive bandage • Supports without obstructing blood circulation • Used to protect wounds and keep dressings in place. Often used in combination with other care products • Can be torn by a hand • Length: 4.5 m; width: 10 cm


For easy application – wrap quickly in a continuous motion. A practical tip: you should be able to get two fingers between the wrap and the skin. It’s important to have the wrap half on the skin and half on the hoof to reduce its tightness


Length:1 Pc, Breadth:1 Pc, Height:1 Pc, Weight:1 Pc


Intra Hoof-fit tape is a self adhesive claw bandage, originally designed for use with Hoof-fit gel. The wrap ensures that the lesion is dry and has contact with the Intra Hoof-fit gel for 30 minutes.

Targeted Species:

Cow, Buffalo, Horse, Sheep, Goat, Pig


Wrap the hoof / claw with Intra Hoof-fit tape after trimming or dressing. The purpose of Intra Hoof-fit tape is to ensure the lesion is dry and has contact with the Intra Hoof-fit gel for 30 minutes. Foot wraps staying on too long can create an environment around the foot which will perpetuate the foot disease, potentially delaying or diminishing healing. Therefore, the wrap should be removed within 72 hours after application if they have not fallen off.


* Should be stored in a cool place at room temperature. * Keep the box closed when not in use.

Best before:

5 Years from date of manufacturing



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Hoof-fit tape is a vital item for a professional claw treatment which stretches and sticks only to itself. This self-adherent bandaging tape has no need to be pinned or tied what makes it easy to assemble. Hoof-fit tape is flexible, breathable, and made of a lightweight and porous material that allows movement without becoming loose. In addition, the tape protects wounds, holds dressings in place and absorbs no moisture. In combination with hoof blocks and other hoof care products, the Hoof-fit tape provides the most used alternative to treat an injured claw of cows and other animals. The Hoof-fit tape can also be used as a running bandage, leg wrap, tail wrap, to hold dressings and run-down patches.
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