Ketone Urine Test Strip

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"Ketone Urine Test Strip (SOO) is a simple urine-dip test strip that changes color in the presence of abnormally high concentrations of circulating ketone bodies, which indicates the presence of subclinical ketosis. Subclinical ketosis typically occurs in early lactation when cows are in negative energy balance. It is one of the unseen causes of lower milk production & delayed peak milk production. The issue can be checked by testing for ketone bodies at right time and frequency; and modifying the TMR / ration"

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Cost-effective screening tool that provides a first step in preventing loss due to sub-clinical ketosis


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Targeted Species:

Buffalo, Cow


Ketone Urine Test Strip a simple urine-dip test that works on the principle of change of strip color in the presence of abnormally high concentrations of circulating ketone bodies


* Should be stored in a cool dry place away from sunlight. * Keep the container closed when not in use.

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"The ease of use of Ketone Urine Test Strip (SOO provides dairy producers a cost-effective ketosis-screening program to help determine when further investigation of the herd’s health is required, and helps to identify subclinical ketosis before it becomes clinical ketosis. Ketone Urine Test Strip (SOO)can readily be incorporated as part of a routine fresh cow program or for herd screening. Likewise, monitoring for subclinical ketosis can aid nutritionists and veterinarians in evaluating the dairy’s transition cow program."
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