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Ensiled forages account for the majority of most dairy rations around the world. The main purpose for feeding ensiled forages is to preserve and recover organic dry matter, while retaining nutritional value and palatability. Proper or improved silage management can have a significant impact on the overall profitability of the dairy.


Silosolve FC improves stability -even at early feed out. Reviews of the literature indicates that L.buchneri normally produces acetic acid after 56 days of ensiling. With Silosolve FC acetic acid production has been observed on day 2 of ensiling maize silage and as a result improved stability even after a short fermentation time. In alfalfa silage aerobic stability was improved by 13 days.


100 gm sachet treats 50 Ton of fresh forages. Mix Silosolve FC in to amount of water appropriate for your applicator. Mixing instructions for water soluble inoculants. Water-soluble inoculants are supplied as a concentrated powder that must be mixed with water before application. Inoculants should be premixed in a bucket or a mixing tank with at least 1 to 3 gallons of water per 1,000g of inoculant. Avoid mixing directly in applicator tank. Pour the inoculant powder slowly into the mixing water, agitate continuously for 2 to 3 minutes to dissolve the powder. Do not pour water to the inoculant canister. Adding the powder slowly reduces the risk of lumps. Warm water may speed up dispersion of the inoculant. However, do not use water warmer than is comfortable for the hand. Be careful that the water does not heat up during application (Max temp 100°F/38°C). Discard any unused inoculant solutions after 48 hours. Chlorinated drinking water up to 4ppm chlorine may be safely used with Chr Hansen inoculants. Water with Chlorine levels above 4ppm is not considered potable (drinkable for humans). Mix 1 cup (about 350g or ¾ pound) of milk or whey powder, or non-medicated calf milk replacer, with 5 gallons of water to neutralize higher levels of chlorine


Length:1 Pc, Breadth:1 Pc, Height:1 Pc, Weight:100 Pc


Silosolve FC improves aerobic stability while improving silage recovery. Silosolve FC is a unique, dual action inoculant that improves aerobic stability and at the time improve dry matter recovery over a broad range of dry matter and forages. While Silosolve FC increased aerobic stability up to 30 days in university trials, dry matter recovery across crops was improved an average of 3.5% points compared to untreated silages.  

Targeted Species:

Cow, Buffalo, Sheep, Goat


2 gm per MT of Silage


How to handle an inoculant through storage and distribution Inoculants in original, unopened packages should be stored under dry conditions (less than 75°F/24°C). For long term storage (greater than 12 months) the inoculants are ideally stored cool and dry (less than 41°F/5°C). Avoid continuous exposure to temperatures above 100°F/38°C for more than 1 week as this may compromise product quality.

Best before:

24 months when stored at 2-6 C



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Heterofermentative inoculants are used in silage making with the purpose of increasing bunk life after opening of the silo. There are different groups of microorganisms competing for the available nutrients in the forage. Heterofermentative lactic acid bacteria are effective in inhibition of undesired microorganisms such as yeasts and molds and are for this reason also known as aerobic stability enhancers.
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