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This is a non return dip cup used for disinfecting teat after milking which ensures fresh dip for each cow. Liquid squeezed up into the cup does not siphon back down into the main reservoir, preventing contaminants from flowing into the unused dip.

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* Non-return Cup. * Angled top for easier dipping. * holds up to 30 ml of dip. * Made of tough, durable, corrosion-resistant materials . * Wide mouth for easy filling


Fill the reservoir with fresh teat dip solution. Squeeze the reservoir to fill the teat dip cup. Dip each teat full-length into the teat dip cup after milking. Allow the teat to air dry, Do not wipe. Do not turn cows out in raining weather until the teat is completely dry.


Teat Dip Cup is a non return dip cup used for disinfecting teat after milking.

The non return valve ensures the solution does not flow back from the teat thus, prevents the bacteria getting into the teat canal.

Targeted Species:

Cow, Buffalo, Sheep, Goat


For post milking teat dipping



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The innovative non-return design ensures clean, full-strength chemical for your cow’s teats. Contaminated solution cannot get back into the reservoir bottle. Angled top for easier dipping holds 30 ml of dip and allows user to easily reach all four quarters. Made of tough, durable, corrosion-resistant materials and features a wide mouth for easy filling.
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