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"SPECIALISED SUPPLEMENT FOR OPTIMISED TRANSITION FEEDING. It is fed 14 - 21 days prior to calving. Leads to fewer metabolic diseases and improves immunity post calving • Better reproduction • Generally speaking, a better performing cow."

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Uncomplicated • Easy to use • Lower labor costs • No urine pH testing • No low-potassium forages • No calcium boluses needed • Unique product Excellence • Optimal fresh cow health • Prevents milk fever and hypocalcemia • Improved milk production • Improved reproduction • Improved dry matter intake • Improved muscle function • Improved body condition • Reduces other metabolic diseases


It is recommended to mix the X-Zelit into other feed components to reduce risk of sorting.


Length:1 Kg, Breadth:1 Kg, Height:1 Kg, Weight:15 Kg


X-Zelit is easy to handle - no need to take pH measurements of the urine. X-Zelit works independent of the potassium level. Thus, dry cows can be fed with high potassium feed as for example late cut clover grass silage or be on fresh pasture. When X-Zelit is used no other remedies are needed at calving. Many farmers have compared the efficiency of X-Zelit with the traditional feeding of anionic salts. The differences are easily demonstrated by taking blood samples from cows that have recently calved. The average level of plasma calcium is increased using X-Zelit and the frequency of subclinical hypocalcemia can be decreased from 80-90 percent to 15-20 percent

Targeted Species:

Cow, Buffalo


Feed 500 g (500 g = 1 Litre) X-Zelit per cow per day the last 2-3 weeks before calving. Stop feeding after calving.


* Should be stored in a cool & dry place away from sunlight. * Keep the bag closed when not in use.

Best before:

3 years from date of manufacturing



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X-Zelit is a product for improving the transition feeding and it has become very popular Globally. The product is based on the idea of low calcium supply to dry cows. With less calcium available from the feed, the cow will adjust her hormones to the low-calcium environment condition and begin mobilizing calcium from her own bones. In other words the cow’s natural defense mechanism for preventing hypocalcemia is activated, making her able to use calcium from bones and in that way maintain the calcium around calving at a natural level. However, due to the natural content of calcium in common feed ingredients, this is almost impossible to practice under normal feeding conditions. This invention, making it possible to reduce the uptake of ration calcium by adding a calcium binder to the feed, has revived the low feed calcium principle.
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