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Diagnostic tool to detect & manage ketosis in dairy farms. eBketone VET blood ketone meter : Lightweight at just 78g; Compact (measuring 63x87x23mm); Wide measuring range (0.0-8.0mmol/L for Ketones); Results in just 10 seconds for ketones; Small Blood sample required - just 0.5uL.

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"Digital Meter (measuring in the UK standard mmol/L) * Light weight * Testing ketosis in your animals * results in 10 seconds * Highly accurate * 1 year warranty. *• Auto Universal Lancing Pen.


Apply a small drop(0.5uL) of blood on testing stripe and the results will be displayed in just 10 seconds


Length:1 Pc, Breadth:1 Pc, Height:1 Pc, Weight:1 Pc


It is amazingly simple to set up and use offering single button operation. One big advantage over other meters is it only need 0.5uL of blood to trigger a result, that's about half the blood needed for some meter strips - just insert a ketone strip, apply a small drop of blood and the results will be displayed in just 10 seconds.

Targeted Species:

Cow, Buffalo


The eBketone meter will ONLY work with eBketone blood ketone test strips


Store between 0-50C



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The meter is manufactured in Taiwan and is highly accurate and exceeds the ISO and CE requirements. It comes in a sleek design with a large backlit display and a host of other features including: - Lightweight at just 78g - Compact (measuring 63x87x23mm) - Wide measuring range (0.0-8.0mmol/L for Ketones) - Results in just 10 seconds for ketones - Small Blood sample required - just 0.5uL for ketones - Takes standard AAA batteries when you replace them - Large memory - stores up to 180 results for ketones with time and date - The meter comes with a free 1-year warranty against defects. The eBketone meter will ONLY work with eBketone blood ketone test strips. The eBketone meter system is calibrated using the RANDOX RB1007 assay by Hitachi to meet industry standards of no more than 6% variance compared to laboratory whole blood samples. This means you can expect reliable test results comparable to laboratory ketone tests when using this meter system. the system also comes with a well written and easy to follow user’s manual with further guidance and easy troubleshooting guides.
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